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GGN Mock Draft, Round 2, Pick 14, Denver Broncos: Kenrick Ellis, DT, Hampton

The Broncos missed their pick today. I am making it for them. Since this threw us off a bit, I will post an updated schedule momentarily. I am adding Kenrick Ellis, a huge tackle from Hampton.

As we stated earlier in our mock, defensive tackle is a huge need for the Broncos. It is such a big need that one player will not do the job. Marcell Dareus went second overall to the Broncos in the first round. Now we will add a 346 pound athletic tackle to pair with him for years to come. Denver immediately becomes extremely strong up the middle. Having a pair of tackles who require extra attention is critical since the Broncos will go to a 4-3 defense with undersized Elvis Dumervil at end.

Some might call the pick a bit of a reach, but players like this tend to go off the board early. This draft has gone a long way to rebuilding a terrible defense.