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Mark Ingram's Stock Falling?

Pro Football Talk notes some NFL Network analysts are talking about the Alabama running back's bad knee hurting his stock.

"I’ve had two teams tell me the knee is very bad," said Lombardi. "He won’t be on their boards. These are teams that need running backs."

NFL Network’s Mike Mayock didn’t go as far as Lombardi, but did acknowledge Ingram is in danger of falling out of round one, where he’s so often projected.

"Even fully healthy, I have concerns about whether he’s a first-round pick," said Mayock of Ingram. "I’m not so sure he’s going there."

I kind of think Ingram's first round stock has to do with the lack of depth in this year's running back class. He has the chance to be a good back for a long time. There is nothing he does poorly. I just do not see anything he does spectacularly. He has great vision, which will help him find holes. He does not have homerun speed or the power to run through tackles as a pure power back. Even if he falls into the Jets' range, which seems more likely than it did a short time ago, I do not think he would be a good fit. The Jets have two young running backs, Shonn Greene and Joe McKnight, who has better potential.

Do you think the Jets should have interest?