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Report: New York Jets Are Faking Interest in Randy Moss to Motivate Santonio Holmes

Adam Schein has an explosive rumor.

Sources tell that coach Rex Ryan talked in glowing terms about Moss as a way to motivate Jets free agent Santonio Holmes. Holmes told reporters over the weekend that he still had issues with offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer stemming from his benching in the AFC title game loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Frankly, this is a silly ploy if true. As a free agent, Holmes holds all the cards. He wants to get paid. He is going to. If the team that gives him a contract is not the Jets, some other team will. Why would he care?

It is not a popular opinion, but I would have no problem with bringing in Moss. Throughout his career, he has produced when motivated. A bad 2010 can be in part attributed to switching teams so many times. Nobody is giving him more than a one year deal. Considering the Jets would have Jerricho Cotchery as insurance and ready to step into the starting lineup, the team could cut Moss without much trouble if he was a problem.

With that said, Moss would be a better fit to replace Braylon Edwards as a vertical threat. Holmes should be a big priority.