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New York Jets Preseason Schedule Announced

The state of the 2010-11 NFL season may be in jeopardy, but that hasn't stopped the league from moving forward with their scheduling.

Gang Green's season will begin in Houston on Aug. 15, where they will, once again, be playing the Monday Night Football opener. This will be the 11th time in 14 years the Jets will be scheduled to play one of their preseason games on primetime TV -- according to Randy Lange, who announced the big news on the team's website.

Game 1, AT Houston Texans, Reliant Stadium

Game 2, Vs. Cincinnati Bengals, New Meadowlands Stadium

Game 3, AT New York Giants, New Meadowlands Stadium

Game 4, Vs. Philadelphia Eagles, New Meadowlands Stadium

I almost feel bad for the Bengals having to come visit again, because we have really had their number -- winning our last 10 home games and are 11-1 against them since 1992.

The Jets went 2-2 in preseason play last year.