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Jenn Sterger Alleges Team Employee Tried to Set Her Up With Brett Favre

I am sorry for getting today off to such a tabloidy start, but there is an allegation former team employee Jenn Sterger made against the Jets in an interview.

Sterger says, "I was approached one day at the beginning of the pre-season games, by a man wearing a Jets badge, employee badge, who asked me, 'How would you feel if Brett Favre asked for your phone number? What would you say?'"

Why did she wait  until now to make this accusation? I have no idea. This could force this stupid story to drag on, though. That kind of vague allegation is impossible to disprove.

Sterger feels like a victim.

The scandal turned her life "upside down," she said. "It was tough. It was embarrassing."

She said she wants to return to work but cannot because the scandal has made her "the joke."

"I haven't made a dime off anything in this whole situation," she added. "Not from the pictures. Not from Favre ... I'm not a gold-digger."

If you want this to go away, there are better strategies to make it happen than conducting an interview on national television about the alleged incident.

You might remember that Sterger came to prominence mainly because of Brent Musberger. That video is how she became famous. That led to a Sports Illustrated column and the Jets job. I guess in some ways Sterger is a victim of the warped ways people in our society come to prominence. She in no way deserved any inappropriate advances from Favre. She also took advantage of her looks to become famous. It is a bit ironic how she rose and fell due to things so superficial.