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Prospects Visit Florham Park

Cimini has a list of prospects the Jets brought in today. Among them are some prominent defensive linemen Phil Taylor and Muhammad Wilkerson. The team could easily go on the defensive line in the first round so this makes sense.

Do not think this is any kind of a smokescreen. Remember, teams are limited in how many non local players they can bring in. The maximum number is 30. When these guys visit, it means there is legitimate interest.

Cimini also notes some late round offensive line prospects are coming in. One thing Mike Tannenbaum has made a habit of doing is selecting a late round offensive linemen. Jacob Bender was picked in 2007, Nate Garner in 2008, and Matt Slauson in 2009. The Jets trust Bill Callahan's ability to develop raw prospects whose unrefined games might make them fall despite owning a lot of natural ability.

To see the entire list, click on the link above and read the Cimini article on ESPN New York.