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Third Round Prospects: Sam Acho, DE, Texas

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Most of the top prospects have been throughly discussed, so we turn our attention to what the Jets will do with their third round pick. One player who may be there is Sam Acho of Texas, who visited with the Jets recently, so there is certainly some interest.

In terms of pass rush, Acho is a somewhat raw player. He has some good explosiveness, but he needs to work on using his hands. He has a great change of direction, which makes him a candidate to stand up in a 3-4. He plays a bit high and can get flushed out from time to time.However, he has a very good motor and and quick enough to be a consistent threat on the edge.

Against the run, Acho is stout at the point of attack and frees up linebackers behind him. He has enough strength to stack the tackle and make the tackle. He is good with keeping his assingment and not losing his contain. Solid tackler in the open field as well.

It's worth mentioning that Acho is a really high-character guy. He was a high school honors student. He should be around in the third, but I would not be surprised if he was taken before the Jets pick in the third round. Acho looks like a developmental guy that could contribute on special teams, and would become more of a contributor as the current Jets linebackers continue to age.

I wouldn't mind the Jets taking a chance on Acho in the third. Would you?