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Welcome GangGreenMag to Team GGN

I have taken some (deserved) heat in the comments section for not notifying everybody of site news so here is a belated update.

I'll start with the sad. Jersey Jets Fan will no longer be writing for our site. He did good work while he was here. You will probably see him pop in from time to time in the future to do some guest work. You can also see him at his personal site, Jersey Jets Fan.

Replacing him on the staff is longtime GGN commenter GangGreenMag, who will be helping us with our Draft coverage. GangGreenMag has done fantastic work writing FanPosts and comments. He is going to be a great addition.

As some people have noted, this site is a group project. Everybody who provides insight in comments and FanPosts is a valued contributor. I think we have had great Draft coverage not only because of the work of the staff writers but also because of members who have written FanPosts. I try and promote as many to the front page as I can as long as the grammar is good.

Keep up the good work, everybody, and join me in welcoming GangGreenMag.