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Michael Floyd Returning to Notre Dame

There was some speculation disciplinary actions over Michael Floyd's arrest would lead the Notre Dame wide receiver to enter the Supplemental Draft. That will not happen, though. Floyd is going back to school for the 2011 season.

Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd will be allowed to stay in school after his arrest on charges of drunken driving last month.


"I'm grateful that I still have a chance to earn my degree from Notre Dame and be a member of the football team," Floyd said in a statement Saturday.

He might have been a steal for some team in the Supplemental Draft. It would have been an interesting game of chicken to see how high teams would have made a move to land him. Using a pick in the Supplemental Draft forces the team to forfeit its pick in the next year's NFL Draft from that same round. Floyd might be a first round pick in 2012. Somebody might have been able to get him with a third or fourth rounder in the Supplemental Draft.

For his future, though, this sounds like the right move for Floyd.