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GGN Mock Draft, Round 2, Pick 8, Dallas Cowboys: Aaron Williams, CB/S, Texas

The Cowboys are up next in our mock and have missed their pick. Having addressed some of their offensive line woes in the first round, they will now look to try and fix the disaster that is their secondary. Mike Jenkins was one of the worst starting cornerbacks in the league in 2010 if not the worst. Terrence Newman is sold but is also going to be 33 this season.

Some have argued that Williams is a better fit at safety. Even that is not a problem for the Cowboys. Dallas needs to upgrade both safety spots. While it is not entirely clear where Williams will end up playing, there are plenty of spots of need he can fill in Big D.

Washington and Houston are due to make their second round picks today in our mock. We fell a bit behind so I just ask them to make their picks by the end of the day or let me know they will not be able to do so.