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Who You Should Look For In The 3rd Round: Chris Carter, Fresno State

The OLBer position, is one we all hope gets an upgrade this season. Unfortunately for us, we are one of many teams that are looking for an upgrade at this position. This means it might be difficult to get the guy we want with the 30th pick in the 1st round. If we don't get our man in the 1st, have no fear. There are other prospects worth considering. Two of the biggest OLBer risers in this draft are Brooks Reed, and Chris Carter. Brooks Reed's stock has risen so much, that now he might not be around by our pick in the 1st either, but Chris should be around in the 3rd.

Chris Carter had a great season in 2010. He was able to accomplish 10 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, and 16 tackles for losses. Those are great numbers, that we wish we could have. His production has steadily increased with each season he played.


His stock has been on the upswing for a while now. In all the mocks I have seen, he has gone anywhere from late 2nd to early 4th round. The only reason he might not go earlier is because he is a little on the small side. At 6'1" 241, he would need to bulk up a little to be effective in the pros. He has the speed and hand work to get around slower tackles/tight ends, but might get swallowed up by more athletic guys. Chris will be able to use his outstanding outside move to set up an inside move to get a more direct line on the QB.


Either way, Chris Carter is a natural pass rusher, and he has the burst and speed to wreak havoc on opposing QBs. He is also a tough, and durable guy. In 09, he broke his wrist, and still dominated with a giant cast on his arm. It is uncertain where Chris will fall, but if we miss out on a pass rusher in the 1st, and Chris falls to us; I see no reason why we shouldn't take him.