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Draft Picks Finalized

The league has announced official Draft positions for teams. They will be adjusted a bit from previous projections due to the addition of compensatory picks. There was also an adjustment due to an appeal of a tampering charge between the Detroit Lions and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Jets will pick at 30, 94, 126, 161, 194, and 208. They traded their picks in the second and seventh rounds for Antonio Cromartie and Kevin O'Connell respectively. They got Arizona's seventh round pick for Kerry Rhodes.

This is clearly subject to change pending trades. While trading players would be prohibited if the lockout continues, trading picks for this year's Draft will be kosher as will picks in subsequent Drafts according to reports. Given Mike Tannenbaum's track record working on past Drafts, it might be wise to go to Las Vegas and bet against the Jets making all six of these picks at these slots.