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John Conner Will Be Featured in Documentary

New York Jets fullback John Conner will be a subject of a new documentary called Late Rounders predictably about the rookie season of late round Draft picks.

Director Evan Marshall chronicles the path of five players in "Late Rounders," which will debut at the Washington D.C. International Film Festival on Sunday. Marshall examines the road taken by three Kentucky players (DT Corey Peters, RB Alfonso Smith and Conner), Louisiana-Monroe DE Aaron Morgan and CB/KR Ray Fisher (Indiana).
The movie gives an honest and raw depiction of what it’s like to be a projected mid-late round selection. Marshall filmed the documentary in Louisiana, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio and Indianapolis, following Conner & Co. from the end of the 2010 college season to off-season workouts with Ignition Training to the scouting combine in Indianapolis.

This is a bit of a tough spot for Conner. He has a very, very difficult act to follow. The Terminator last appeared in Hard Knocks, one of the most acclaimed football documentaries in football history.

It is sure, however, to be an interesting look at the process these guys have to go through to prepare for the Draft. It is a very daunting affair. These guys have to go through a process in which every aspect of their lives and games is scrutinized. Certain things beyond the control of these players like the health of body parts can be the difference between being a high pick, a low pick, or not being picked at all in the NFL Draft. I hope this is well done because the topic is interesting.

For more information, check out the website.