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Santonio Holmes Is Tim Graham's Number 10 Receiver

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ESPN AFC East blogger Tim Graham rated wide receivers in the NFL yesterday. One Jet, Santonio Holmes, made the list at number ten.

I almost didn't vote for Holmes. I originally had Pittsburgh Steelers burner Mike Wallace on the list, but I couldn't deny the direct impact Holmes had in closing out colossal victories for the Jets.

Holmes' stats weren't staggering, but he started the season with a four-game suspension that kept him out of the lineup and off the practice field. Once the NFL activated Holmes, it took him a couple weeks to get back into the offense. Then he was sensational. He had eight touchdowns in his last 11 games, including two out of three postseason games.

Holmes definitely belongs there. I do not even think we saw the full extent of Holmes' capabilities last year. Santonio can be an excellent deep threat. With Braylon Edwards handling that role for the Jets, Holmes worked underneath a lot.

Holmes is the only AFC East receiver on the list. I find it difficult to argue with. Holmes does everything well. Braylon Edwards and Wes Welker are more limited. Edwards is an excellent deep threat. Welker is great underneath. Holmes can do both. Brandon Marshall is good enough to make it, but  Graham makes a compelling argument about his lack of impact in the red zone in 2010.

A list like this is always more about beginning a discussion than ending it. Criteria is subjective by nature. One can use most talent, best career, and most productive 2010 season to create their own list. What would yours look like. Is there any receiver who should have been rated ahead of number 10?