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Tiki Barber: Pursue or No

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I am truly blown away right now.. If you haven't heard the news, Tiki Barber is coming out of retirement to play again in the NFL. The Giants have the rights to Tiki but they will not retain those rights, allowing Tiki to go where he pleases. Tiki retired after the 2006 season, the year before the Giants incredible Superbowl run that even now seems like so long ago. Like I said before, my mind is blown that he is coming back, I'm guessing that divorce got pretty expensive though..

Speculation has him playing in Tampa Bay with his brother, Ronde, possibly in Denver with John Fox, or maybe in New Orleans with Sean Payton. But could he wind up with the Jets? Would you fans want to pursue him?

ABSOLUTELY NOT... Just figured I'd rile up some of your feathers by even posing the question. Sound off in the comments at the ridiculousness of Tiki "Brett Favrin' it".