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Flight Connections 03-08-11


Vic Carucci finds HC Rex Ryan to be entertaining, energetic and fun.

CB Darrelle Revis talks about Ryan's guarantee.

CB Kyle Wilson has been watching "The Wire".  If you haven't seen that show, put it on your queue.

SS Jim Leonhard wants men to be healthy.

ILB Bart Scott talks about his sports entertainment appearance.

RB LaDainian Tomlinson just wants to play football.

Jets Twit reports on QB Mark Sanchez's social media activity.

ESPN New York doubts the team can keep both WRs Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards.

SB Nation has a mock pick for the Jets.

Happy Birthday to the Jersey Jets Fan site!

AFC East Blog lists the millionaires in the division.

Peter King writes about the labor negotiations, the Packers Super Bowl DVD and more.

Bill Simmons: Greed is good in NFL labor talks.