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Matt Slauson Moves Home

Over concern that a lockout could cost him a paycheck, Matt Slauson has moved back home.

While he has a four-year, $1.8 million contract, he still has to make the team each season because his contract is not guaranteed. That is why he, his wife and their baby are living with his parents while he waits to see what will happen next year.

I am sure this will raise some eyebrows and lead to some unjustified insults headed in Matt Slauson's direction. He deserves respect for this move, though. This is a very financially responsible decision. Part of the reason so many people are having so many problems financially these days is because they lived outside their means worrying about what others thought of them. Many football players seem to fall into this trap, trying to show they have a great lifestyle. Slauson is something of a role model for making a responsible choice.