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Ray Lucas Continues to Make Progress

Former Jets quarterback Ray Lucas has been candid about his recovery from a painkiller addiction, chronicling his progress on his Facebook page. Yesterday he provided the latest update.

30 DAYS DRUG FREE TODAY! This is such a big thing for me. I will be getting my 30 day chip at tonight's meeting .Looking back at my life before P.A.S.T thinking that I would have died if not for P.A.S.T. and having Randy Grimes who was and is here to lean on and help get me into treatment and work with me through th...e entire process. Had an amazing experience this weekend will share with you all later.

If you do not already, go to Ray's Facebook profile and give him encouragement in his fight against addiction. Doing what he is doing in such a public forum takes a lot of guts and can encourage others fighting the same demons.