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Bart Scott Wants Shaun Ellis Back

Darrelle Revis has been openly telling the media moves he wants the team to make. Bart Scott spoke up Monday about his teammate, Shaun Ellis.

"Of course, he played tremendous for us throughout the playoffs," Scott told "Of course I’d like to see him back. He’s a tremendous teammate, a tremendous leader. He's one of those staples, like Ray Lewis is in Baltimore. He’s one of those guys. When you say Shaun Ellis, you think of the Jets."

How much will this impact the decisions the Jets make? Probably not a ton. It will come down to dollars and cents. It is nice, though, to see guys like Scott and Revis going to bat for their teammates. They do not need to say anything of the sort. It would be much easier to be diplomatic and talk about how the league is a business. It probably says something about the bond these guys have in the locker room with each other that we are hearing all of this talk.

The real question again is how badly these guys want to stay in New York. Will Ellis be willing to work with the Jets to find a deal that makes sense for both sides, or will he look for as big of a payday as possible in what could be his final venture into free agency?