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Braylon Edwards Appears in Court

Braylon Edwards had his latest court date on Monday regarding his drunk driving arrest last year.

His attorney, Peter Frankel, filed routine motions challenging the accuracy of the two tests Edwards was given, one in the field and one back at the precinct, that indicated the star player was drunk.

The case was adjourned until May 16.

We will have to see how that turns out.

Braylon also spoke with the press regarding his future with the team.

"I definitely still want to be a Jet. Everyone knows that," he said. "If they give me the opportunity, I definitely want to come back and maybe take advantage of that championship this year. Maybe we’ll win one.

"One more time, I love being a Jet."

At some point, we are going to find out how badly Braylon really wants to be a Jet. It might be his first choice, but will he be willing to take less money than he might get elsewhere to stay? Coming off a good year, he might be a wanted commodity on the free agent market. If he wants to stay, he might have to take a bit less.