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Ridiculous Spygate Lawsuit Thrown Out of Court

A Jets fan looking for a cheap buck by suing the Patriots and Bill Belichick is out of luck.

New York Jets season ticket-holder Carl Mayer, an attorney in New Jersey who used to work for Ralph Nader, filed the suit in 2007 after allegations surfaced the Patriots had illegally videotaped opponents' defensive hand signals during games.

Mayer contended the games weren't honest contests and sought $185 million in damages. Mayer came up with the amount by figuring Jets fans had spent $61 million to watch eight Patriots games from 2000 -- Belichick's first year as Patriots coach -- through 2007 and then tripling it.

I am not sure whether Carl Mayer reads GGN. If you do, Carl, you should hang your head for wasting the court's time and associating Jets fans with your ridiculous lawsuit. Even if you could have proven the Pats were spying in all eight of those games, which you could not, this was a nonsense lawsuit. You paid for an NFL football game. You got one. Should fans get their money back if a player is later caught using steroids? What if officials blow a critical call? Mayer was in no way harmed that day. Looking to get a cheap buck out of what happened is sleazy.

This might even be more ridiculous than Patriots fans claiming Belichick and company did nothing wrong that day.