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Tony Richardson: Stay or Go? Part 4: The Vote

I have noticed a consensus among Jets fans that Tony Richardson should go. The theory is that the team does not need two fullbacks, and John Conner is ready to start. I do not disagree with either sentiment, but I still would like to see Tony back. For starters, he will not cost much. He was willing to play for the veteran minimum in 2010.

No, the team does not need a pair of fullbacks, but Richardson would still be useful as a blocker on return teams. Down at the bottom of the roster, guys gain their value by contributing on special teams. Add his locker room leadership to the mix, and I think Richardson would probably have more value than most guys the team could find to fill out the roster. Plus he would give the Jets flexibility if they wanted to give Conner some carries as a power runner as they did Week 17 against the Bills.

I know many will disagree, but I would be willing to see the Jets play without one other bottom of the depth chart guy at another position to keep Richardson around in 2011. How about you?