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Tony Richardson: Stay or Go? Part 2: The Case for Keeping Him

In a vacuum, there would be plenty of logic for the Jets to want Tony Richardson back in 2011. For starters, he is still an excellent fullback. The Jets have had one of the most productive rushing attacks in the league since he arrived on the scene in 2008. The halfbacks and offensive line have gotten plenty of credit. Richardson has been something of an unsung hero. He reads the play well consistently identifying the right man and frequently throws a key block to spring a runner.

Richardson is not much of a receiver. He has had good success in limited carries, which is probably due in part to him running so infrequently that him getting a carry catches a defense by surprise. He has more than earned his keep as a blocker, though.

Although this is more anecdotal, Richardson also seems to have taken on a role as a locker room leader. Whenever a Jet is asked about positive locker room influences, Tony's name seems to inevitably come up.