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Tony Richardson: Stay or Go? Part 1: Introduction

Tony Richardson has been one of the top fullbacks in the NFL for a long time. In a long and distinguished career with the Chiefs, Vikings, and Jets he has been the lead blocker for the finest NFL seasons of Priest Holmes, Larry Johnson, Adrian Peterson, and Thomas Jones. For his work, he has made four Pro Bowls.

Tony has also been an outstanding ambassador for the game off the field. In 2010 he won the NFLPA's Man of the Year Award.

The 39 year old might very well be done. He is still a productive lead blocker. Even today, few fullbacks can match his combination of athletic ability and strength. Tony still might want to chase the Super Bowl that has eluded him during his excellent career. There is not much doubt that plenty of teams would welcome his distinguished presence in the locker room. The question is whether that team will be the team with which he has spent the past three years, the New York Jets.