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Bart Scott Takes Wrestling Critics to the Mat

Bart Scott does not want to hear people complaining about his wrestling cameo.

Bart Scott has a message for those who want to question whether he violated his player contract by participating in a professional wrestling event that aired Thursday: Puh-leeze!

"It would be like going on 'Dancing With the Stars,'" the Jets' linebacker told Saturday from Orlando, where he's appearing at ESPN the Weekend.

I remember back in the 1990's that basketball players Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman appeared in a pro wrestling match in years where both guys went to the NBA Finals. It seems like criticism is a bit over the top and silly. Then again, consider where the criticism is coming from.

NBC's raised the issue of whether Scott breached his contract by participating in physical activity outside football.

Anybody who follows GGN knows how critical I am of the site, and this is a perfect example of why. They just try and stir up problems. Had they gotten Scott in trouble, it would have meant more publicity and credit for them. It just provides incentives to throw every rumbling and half truth at the wall to see whether it sticks. I do not criticize Florio and his crew because I think they are bad people. They aren't. I do not criticize them because they never break a story. They do. I criticize them because they do stuff like this, blowing a fun event out of proportion with baseless speculation  for no reason and making Bart Scott act like he is defendant in a trial.