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Chad Johnson "Would Die" to Play for Jets

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson continues to openly discuss wanting to become a New York Jet.

"I respect the New York area, they have a great coach that anyone would die to play for ... a very player-friendly coach," Johnson told ESPN at an event in Orlando, Fla.


"It's like a player as the coach," Johnson said of the Jets' outspoken leader. "He has the same mindset that we should have, but he says what he feels. You're not supposed to do that as a head coach. But when you do, it's awesome. That's a very refreshing feeling, very refreshing."

It seems like an element of this is simply Johnson working to get himself a new contract by either forcing a trade or inciting the team to give him one so that he will shut his mouth Plus he loves the attention this will bring. It is also in the media's interest to keep this kind of speculation going. This is a very slow time of the year, particularly with only vague information coming out on the status of CBA negotiations.

I also think the media wants to keep the dream of Johnson coming to New York alive. The vocal wide receiver would make the lives of reporters a lot easier if he came to the Jets. They are always looking for something outrageous to report, and Johnson is an attention and headline grabbing machine.