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Vernon Gholston Clears Waivers

In one of the least surprising developments of the offseason, Vernon Gholston has cleared waivers.

Gholston, who didn’t post a single sack during his three seasons with the Jets, was scheduled to earn $555,000 in base salary next season along with a $2.565 million roster bonus and a $250,000 workout bonus. He was signed through the 2012 season.

Any team that had claimed him would have been on the hook for that contract so there is no surprise it did not happen. Gholston will probably not get above the league minimum and a chance to try out for a team.

I am not even sure Gholston will get that chance. I know he had top ten Draft pick talent, but he has shown next to nothing. A team might not even want to give him a spot in camp that could go to a player with potential. While it is certainly possible one team out there sees something in him for whatever reason, I would not be surprised to see Vernon end up in the UFL next season.

Tip of the hat to GGN member jdog123 for sending along the link.