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Players and League Agree to Additional One Week Extension

For the second straight day, the league and its players avoided a lockout by agreeing to extend negotiations. The two sides agreed to put things off for another week while they attempt to negotiate a new CBA.

While failing to reach a deal that would keep labor peace intact for the nation's most popular sports league, the NFL and the players' union agreed Friday on a seven-day extension for their collective bargaining agreement.

It was the second time they had stopped the CBA from running out, though the two sides do not appear to be close to a new pact.

While it is regrettable a deal has not been reached, the fact they are still willing to talk is a positive sign. There has been a lot of gamesmanship in the form of harsh public comments from both sides. If there was no hope of something happening soon, and both sides had dug in, the league would already be locking out its players.