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Should the New York Jets Resign Any Released Players?

The Jets made five cuts this week. The guys who left were Kris Jenkins, Damien Woody, Jason Taylor, Vernon Gholston, and Ben Hartsock. Assuming any of them are willing to come back at lower priced deals, which guys should the team bring back?

This is pretty simple for me. Gholston was a complete bust. The team has no use for him. Hartsock might be a contender to return, but I would rather see the team find an in line blocker who is more of a threat in the passing game. A backup lineman can do the job blocking while adding nothing as a receiver. Taylor was part of a pass rush that was at times anemic.

The two guys I would want to see come back are Jenkins and Woody. Jenkins can dominate. If he could ever stay healthy, he would be a force. At a low price, he would be a high upside low risk guy. I could also see bringing back Woody at the right price. While I am concerned about his ability to recover, perhaps a move back inside to guard could help compensate for any quickness his injury would cost. Life would be easier without the need to protect the edge.