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What Is the Biggest Offseason Need the New York Jets Have?

The offseason was originally scheduled to begin today. We cannot say when it will actually begin, but it is worth discussing what the team needs. We know all of the key free agents. Assume everybody comes back, though. What was the biggest weakness on the roster in 2010?

I think what the Jets need to find are better outside linebackers to improve the pass rush. They could not consistently get to the quarterback without blitzing or even for stretches when they did blitz. Adding good pass rushers will make the blitz even more effective by giving opposing blocking schemes players to focus upon while blitzes come from other directions.

I never want to see that a team is one piece away because the Jets already had enough talent to win it all last year even though they fell a bit short. The most glaring weakness on the roster, however, seems to be at outside linebacker. Calvin Pace, Jason Taylor, and Bryan Thomas fell short in 2010.