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New York Jets Will Probably Not Work Out Together During Lockout

In the middle of an excellent article by Jenny Vrentas about players dealing with the lockout comes news that any chances of the Jets coming together to work out are not high.

As of now, Moore said there are no concrete plans for the Jets to convene in group workouts as some other teams have organized.

"In practice, I don’t think it could come together," Moore said. "To try and get guys to fly in to New Jersey, or wherever, and try to find a facility, with guys paying money for flights and hotels. Guys have month-to-month leases, and they’re going to Texas, Florida, Oklahoma or Nebraska, and they don’t have apartments here. I think it would be hard with the logistics to pull that off. I think guys are really just going to be working out wherever they are and being responsible in that regard."

That is too bad. It probably would have really helped chemistry. We can maintain hope that guys who work with each other on the field will find time to spend with each other like Mark Sanchez did with the Flight Boys at Jets Camp West last year.