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Will Lack of Grass Prevent a Potential Kris Jenkins Reunion?

Kris Jenkins is indicating he might not be inclined to return to the Jets due to the surface at Meadowlands Stadium.

"I'd be interested if [the Jets] had grass on the stadium field, but right now that's the big thing, and they don't," Jenkins told Dyer on Tuesday. "I've played here long and loved it. I love this team. I love the fans, and I've bonded with this team. I feel like I have a connection with this city."

Jenkins added: "[FieldTurf], it ain't my friend. Just as far as my health is concerned, I need to think about that and how my body can and will respond. New York would be a major possibility. We'll have to see, but at this point in time, I want to take care of me, too."

I am extremely skeptical of these remarks. For starters, what would he have done had the team not released him? He is still under contract. When he plays on the road, he will inevitably have to play on harder surfaces. Would he sit those games out? I am sure in an ideal world he would like to find a club with soft surface on its practice field and home stadium, but I also feel there will be more important considerations like money.

I am also a bit surprised to hear his remarks on FieldTurf. I have heard from many people that it is easier on joints. It tends to have rubber at its base. In fact, I remember the Seahawks adding FieldTurf at Qwest Field because the players loved the surface so much at their temporary home at the University of Washington.