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Tyrod Taylor - Possible Brad Smith Replacement?

As you probably know, Brad Smith is set to hit the free agency market whenever a new CBA is in place. Smith was a former QB at Missouri that the Jets have worked into the receiving rotation, where he has been very average. Smith has maximized his value at a wildcat QB, doing various special teams work, and as a kick returner. While his value as a returner is diminished because of the new kickoff rule, this may force him to take the highest market offer as opposed to a hometown discount.

Where do the Jets turn to replace this do-it-all player? Look no further than Tyrod Taylor, the QB from Virginia Tech. I had the privilege of watching him live for three years, and I have not seen many collegiate players as athletic as this guy. Not only can he be plugged into other roles like Brad Smith, he could be a great fit at the 3rd QB spot to develop.

Strictly evaluating him in terms of a QB, he is as closest to a right-handed Michael VIck as you can find. He has good arm strength and really progressed as a passer during his time at VT. He never had a good receiving core and was forced to make a lot of plays on his own, and all behind a small, athletic offensive line. His weaknesses are his decision making, as he tends to hold the ball for too long. During his sophomore and junior years, he had a tendency to do the one-read-and-run thing, but during his senior year, he began to learn how to elude defenders while keeping his eyes downfield, often in spectacular fashion. His accuracy needs some improvement as well.

He was the fastest QB at the combine. But that does not tell the story of his pure athleticism; i cannot count the number times I have been amazed just watching this guy make play after play. This play here pretty much sums it up.

Overall, he should be available around the 5th or 6th round, and I wouldn't be too disappointed for the Jets to take a flyer on the guy. He wants to play QB, but that remains to be seen. He certainly has the tools to play just about anywhere though.

I even saw him at a local watering hole two weeks ago, he's a great kid.