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Bob Sanders Signs With San Diego Chargers

The Jets had Bob Sanders in for a visit this week. Cross the safety off the potential signing list, though. He signed with the Chargers as per Adam Schefter.

Filed to ESPN: Former Colts safety Bob Sanders plans to sign a one-year deal tonight with the San Diego Chargers.

Sanders never felt like a good fit with the Jets. He is a more injury prone version of Jim Leonhard, a small guy who is strongest against the run. He is better than Leonhard, but his extreme inability to stay on the field eliminates any advantage for him. The two of them would not have really complimented each other. They both do the same thing well.

In the unlikely event he can stay healthy, he might be a good addition for San Diego. One of the few years in which he stayed healthy was 2007 in which he won the Defensive Player of the Year award.

I would still like to see the team bring back Brodney Pool, who seemed to get really comfortable in Rex Ryan's defense near the end of the season.