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Players and League Agree to 24 Hour Extension

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We were supposed to be a few hours away from a lockout, but the league and its players have agreed to a 24 hour negotiation extension.

The 24-hour extension could be a step toward a longer extension, but it doesn't necessarily mean it will lead to a longer extension, sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter and ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen.

The extra time, according to sources, gives the union a chance to review the league's latest proposal and for both sides to decide on the next step -- be that another extension, more negotiations, a lockout or decertification.

We will have to see what happens. One would have to imagine the sides are at least making some progress. If things were hopeless, these talks would have broken off.

Aside from hot stove stuff, there is not much drama right now. I do not think fans will really care until they start missing games. It does not even really matter if trades and free agent signings are off the table. That only comes into play if it does not take place long before the Draft, which might force teams to change their strategies.