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James Ihedigbo: Stay or Go?

One of the strangest aspects of the Jets' roster is the fact the team has two players who played in college at Division 1-AA UMass. Vladimir Ducasse is one. James Ihedigbo is the other.

Ihedibgo was used primarily in subpackages by the Jets. He was a frequent blitzer for the team. He finished the year with 3 sacks. He has a reputation as a hard hitter. He has also played special teams pretty well despite a critical penalty on a Leon Washington kickoff return in 2008 against the 49ers and being part of a stupid penalty in overtime against the Bills in 2009 that may or may not have made a certain blogger call for his release.

I have generally liked what I have seen out of Digs. He seems to be getting more comfortable playing coverage. He is pretty good as a blitzer on passing downs. He is also affordable depth in an offseason where the Jets have 3 of their top 4 safeties hitting free agency.

Losing him would not be the end of the world, but I would like him back.