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Mark Brunell: Stay or Go? Part 3: The Vote

Even if the Jets could bring Mark Brunell back at the veteran minimum, I am not sure it would be worth it. There are two kinds of worthwhile quarterbacks to have on a roster. The first is quarterbacks capable of playing well today. The second is quarterbacks who might be capable of playing well in the future if they develop. Brunell is a guy who played well in the past.

Every dollar counts. The Jets have plenty of key free agents to sing. Releasing Brunell could give the team over $1 million in extra salary cap room to operate. The team also needs to do better for depth behind Mark Sanchez. This team will have Super Bowl ambitions again in 2011. The thought of Mark Brunell starting a big game is scary. I do not think he should be back next season.

How do you vote? Should Mark Brunell come back for a second campaign in green and white?