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Mark Sanchez Advances in Madden Cover Tournament

Mark Sanchez defeated Jake Long in the first round of the Madden cover tournament taking 55% of the vote to Long's 45%. Mark is a 5 seed. That is significant since during the NCAA Basketball Tournament, there are frequently 12 seeds upsetting 5 seeds.

I suppose some might not want Mark to win considering the cover curse, but Rex Ryan has taught us to not get caught up on ghosts like that. Teams make their own breaks. They do not suffer because of supernatural things.

In any event, Sanchez faces long odds in the next round. He is up against 4 seed Drew Brees, one of the most popular players in the National Football League.

My big question is what they will do if Michael Vick wins the contest. Considering the controversy it would generate, would they really allow Vick to end up on the cover of the popular video game?