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GGN Mock Update

The GGN mock continues to roll along with a major surprise. The Miami Dolphins made the stunning selection of Julius Thomas, a tight end from Portland State. I think there are certain things teams need to consider when picking in the Draft. If a player is going to be available when that team picks in later rounds, the team should wait. I have not seen anybody think Thomas is going before the fifth round at the very earliest. The Dolphins most likely could have had him by waiting and added another top notch player in the first round.

I am also skeptical of giving first round money to Thomas. He played one year of college football, which means he has a lot to learn when it comes to technique and recognition. He played at a small school, which means he will have to adjust to much better competition. He also did not do a ton to stand out with 29 catches and 453 yards. A guy ready to come in and dominate probably would have obliterated small school competition.

I am not ready to call this a terrible pick. Had the Patriots taken Tom Brady in the first round in 2000, they would have been destroyed, but it would have been tough to question the results. Perhaps Thomas will become the next Antonio Gates. That does seem like an awful lot to ask, though.

Jacksonville and New England both added pass rushers. Ryan Kerrigan goes to the Jaguars. Aldon Smith is a new enemy headed to New England.

San Diego's pick is due tomorrow. Let me know if you can't make it on time.