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Two Jets Among Mel Kiper's Biggest Busts

ESPN NFL Draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. has put out a list of his forty biggest non quarterback busts since 1978. A pair of Jets are on the list.


  • Defensive tackle Dewayne Robertson, Jets, fourth overall 2004: "Only 16 sacks in his career for a guy we thought would really penetrate and be a menace."


  • Outside linebacker Vernon Gholston, Jets, sixth overall in 2008: "Finally time to call it what it is. Amazing physical skills, but not even Rex Ryan could save him."
  • I think everything that could be said about Gholston has already been said. The front office has even tried the old pin the really bad decision on the guy who doesn't work here anymore (Eric Mangini) move.

    Robertson I feel was just kind of unlucky. There were a combination of things that hurt him. He had an excellent second season in 2004 and seemed to be on the verge of breaking out. Then the team lost and never adequately replaced his nose tackle, Jason Ferguson. Then the team made an ill advised switch to the 3-4 defense and made him a two gap nose tackle in an even more ill advised move. Robertson was not a nose tackle. If he had to play the position, it should have been as a one gap penetrater like Jay Ratliff. He was also plagued by knee problems. Even then, people forget that he came on and played pretty well down the stretch in 2006.

    Robertson drew Warren Sapp comparisons coming out of Kentucky. He was never even close to meeting those. He did not come close to meeting the production of a guy who went fourth in the Draft. He never did anything after leaving New York. He deserves a spot on the list. I feel a bit bad for him, though. He always seemed to have a good attitude and was hurt by factors beyond his control.

    On another note, it is a bit frustrating to think of how many other Jets could have made the list like Blair Thomas, Kyle Brady, etc.