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Does Giving Up a Second Round Pick Put More Pressure on New York Jets to Resign Antonio Cromartie?

Originally when the Jets dealt for Antonio Cromartie, the deal involved a third round pick. It felt like a great move. San Diego was selling low on an immensely talented corner. There was a condition involved, though. When the Jets advanced past the second round of the Playoffs, that pick became a second rounder.

There are a lot of good players capable of helping a team for years at a low price available in the second round. Was one year of Cromartie really worth it? Does the team have any further obligation to try and keep him as a result to get more for that pick? It would be one thing to get a year out of Santonio Holmes for a fifth rounder. Contrary to many cliches out there, few fifth round picks actually make a big impact in the league. One year out of an impact receiver is likely more valuable than anything that could be obtained in the fifth round.

I am interested to hear what people think about Cro, though. My view is that the move is a sunk cost. The Jets have given up that pick no matter what. If Cromartie will not agree to an extension that makes sense for the team, the Jets should not get hung up on the psychology of getting their money's worth. They need to make the move that makes the most sense for the team going forward.

What are your thoughts on this?