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Old Loyalties Die Hard

University of Michigan alum Braylon Edwards was doing a little bit of trash talking on his Twitter page last night about bitter rival Ohio State's defeat in the East Regional Semifinals to the University of Kentucky in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

Haha thank you Kentucky!!!
He was quick to defend this as purely celebrating a correct pick.

Why so angry OSU fans I'm only cheering on my

I also had Kentucky over Ohio State, but something tells me Braylon's loyalties made him pick the Buckeyes' demise as early as seemed reasonable.

How is your bracket looking at this point? Mine does not look too great. Kansas is my only Final Four team left. I still currently lead and have a chance to win my pool if everything breaks right, though, in no small measure because I might be the only person in America to have Butler in the Elite Eight.

I'm sure current VCU student Matt Birch is enjoying the Tournament more than I am right now in any event.