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Jerricho Cotchery Played Through Injury in 2010

Jerricho Cotchery is coming off back surgery. Apparently this was a problem he played through during the season.

Jets receiver Jerricho Cotchery played the 2010 season with a herniated disk and underwent back surgery on Feb. 3, according to an report.

Perhaps that explains the team-high eight passes Cotchery dropped during the season, uncharacteristic for him.

I doubt anybody would be surprised that Cotchery fought through pain without complaining. He is a warrior. Anybody with any questions about his toughness should just watch his catch in overtime against the Browns where he continued after pulling up lame and came up with a spectacular grab to extend a drive.

The drops this year were disconcerting. It seemed like a lack of playing time might have led to a lack of focus. This, however, would not account for a slow start while he was playing every down before Santonio Holmes got back. This mainly makes his excellent game in New England during the Playoffs more impressive, though.