GGN Mock Pick 7, San Francisco 49ers: Patrick Peterson CB, LSU

It's not hard to explain why I think most people would've predicted my mock selection for the Niners. His combine numbers were phenomenal: The 6'0 219 pound Peterson ran 4.34 40, a 4.07 20 yrd shuttle, and he had a 38' vertical jump. He has the athleticism and the build to be a Pro-Bowl caliber CB at the least. Now I am not going to say that he is the next Revis, but I think that given his height (which IMO matters a lot) weight, and athleticism could equal the roof to a poor mans version of Revis. College QB's avoided him and tape shows that he has just about a good a hands as anyone else; another positive in Peterson is that he is disruptively physical at the line. He has no issues in blitzing the QB due to his quickness, but he could improve on his run tackling. In coverage his strength is in press coverage, and is average in zone. IMO Peterson is the most NFL ready player in the draft and will be able to contribute immedietly opposite Clements.

The 49ers were ranked 24th allowing 231.1 yards against the pass. Shawntae Spencer seems more like a CB who can cover the slot receiver better than the number 2, and Peterson will be able to fill in for the shoes of the aging Clements (who is 31). IMO Peterson is the BPA and the best player by secondary need; not the primary. However what I think is the best for the 49ers might not correlate with head managements decisions. Harbaugh might be willing to reach here and take a page out of his brothers franchise building book and take a qb. (Flacco) I don't think that's what's best for the Niners but they are more likely to see where he is at then I am. Another option here could be UNC DE Robert Quinn, DE Cameron Jordan or DE J.J. Watt but I think that Peterson is the safest pick and he is a great long term and short term solution to the Niners coveraging woes and is a steal dropping down to 7.

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