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First Round Prospects, Defensive Line: Corey Liuget, Illinois

We continue your analysis of possible 1st round picks for the Jets along the defensive line with the most "legit" lineman in the draft, Corey Liuget. Liuget is moving up boards, so if the Jets want him, they will likely have to trade up. At 6-3, 300, his best spot will be at the 5-technique at DE, but is strong enough to line up at nose in passing situations.

Liuget's interior rush is overwhelming for many college linemen. He uses his hands and explosiveness to move offensive linemen. He is not going to rack up sack numbers, but he is going to find a way to get into the backfield. He is versatile to line up just about anywhere on the line in passing situations.

Against the run, Corey is stout and plays with a strong base. It is ideal for him to line up in the 3 or 5-technique. He has excellent play recognition. Overpowers interior lineman, especially in the three technique. However, when he is in the 5-tech, he can lose contain at times because of his lack of speed.

Liuget will be hard to get in the draft; the jets will likely have to trade up. Overall, I like his upside, he makes explosive plays, and he is a good kid. It is worth noting that Rex Ryan was at the Illinois pro day, and Liuget and Ryan apparently hit it off. He is versatile, which is a must for a linemen in the Jets scheme. There's not much to not like about this kid - which is why he is regarded as the third best DT in the draft.