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Bart Scott Does Not Care About Losing Workout Bonus

Bart Scott is seldom at a loss for words. If you think he is fazed at the thought of losing a cool quarter of a million dollars in workout bonuses, think again.

"If I have to sacrifice my off-season conditioning program, I'll be fine. I understand. Everybody has to make sacrifices right now. The game is in a state where we're trying to make sure it's better, going forward. We're all losing something. We're taking a step back to take two steps forward. That's the important thing."

I am sure having a contract over $40 million with an average annual salary around $8 million takes some of the sting out of it.

It will be interesting to see what teams do with the extra money. They could go a long way to scoring some good PR by donating it to charity or at least throwing it the way of working class team employees hurt by the lockout.