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Flight Connections 03-22-11


Owner Woody Johnson broke his ankle in a bicycle accident.

QB Mark Sanchez is in the running for the Madden '12 Cover (h/t michael 28102).

Sanchise ultra-competitive and likely to return prepared after the lockout.

ILB Bart Scott should return ready as well.

SB Nation New York wants a big draft.

Jets Twit wonders whether the team has ordered the coaches not to speak publicly.

The Dolphins are considering pursuing former USC and Bengals QB Carson Palmer.

The Buccaneers may be the next stars of HBO's "Hard Knocks".

Associated Press: Will players be able to budget during lockout?

I want to bring up this article again about Washington owner Dan Snyder wanting exclusive rights to the Redskins name.  I hope he doesn't get this trademark because it'll set off a bad precedent, at least for us bloggers anyway.  Remember Holy Joe Namath?  That site was taken down for use of the name.  Think of all our favorite sites right now using the word "Jets".  There's The Jets Blog, Jets Twit, Jets Insider, Infinite Jets and more.  Maybe JetNation can get away with it because it doesn't have the s.  But then they could go after just "Jet" also.  Or even trademark the nickname "Gang Green".  I'm not saying the team actually would do this, but they would have the right to.  It could go on and on.  It might even spread outside of football to sites like NetsDaily etc.

Anyways, check out what the MadBacker can't wait for, after the jump.