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New York Jets Will Not Be on Hard Knocks Again

Tim Graham has the disappointing news.

A Jets spokesman confirmed the Jets declined to pursue a second season.

Based on ratings for the training camp reality show, the Jets would have been a hot contender to repeat. Head coach Rex Ryan's profanity-laced speeches and an assortment of entertaining storylines such as Mark Sanchez's development, Darrelle Revis' lockout and Antonio Cromartie's children made "Hard Knocks" must-see TV.

Whichever team wins the spot seems to be on a fool's errand. The Jets have left the most difficult act to follow in the history of the series. Tim Graham suggests the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the favorite. A promising young team does potentially sound interesting, but do they have any coaches like Mike Westhoff threatening to cut a player on the field?

If Rex Ryan remains the coach, I think the Jets will be featured again. He is the kind of coach who embraces this kind of thing.