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Woody Johnson Suffers Broken Ankle

We have plenty of reporting on injuries here on GGN. This might be the first ever injury report on the owner, though. Woody Johnson suffered a broken ankle after a bike accident.

Woody Johnson’s left ankle was no match for an errant Florida driver.

The Jets owner revealed here Monday that he fractured his left ankle earlier this month when he was hit by a car while bicycling near his home in Palm Beach.

"I took on a car, and the car won," Johnson said jokingly during a break in the NFL’s annual meeting.

I don't want to say Woody is lucky. He just suffered a serious injury. Taking on a bike against a car, though, could clearly have ended up worse.

All the best to the owner on his recovery. He does not need to be able to walk to do his job unlike most of his important employees, but we all want him back on his feet.