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Latest SB Nation Mock Draft

Our friends at the main page of SB Nation have another mock up as we roll closer to the 2011 NFL Draft. We have a new name at 30 for the Jets.

30. New York Jets: Brooks Reed, DE, Arizona. Rex Ryan collects pass rushers and cornerbacks like trophies, and his sack production has been lacking through two years as a Jet. Reed has elite potential off the edge.

Crackback wrote a FanPost about Reed that you can read here.

I am not sure Rex Ryan has collected many dominant pass rushers during his time with the Jets. Frankly, that has been a problem. It has been one of the biggest weaknesses this team has had over these past two years.

What are your thoughts on this? Is Reed the right pick. We all know this is a need. Do you think he is the best guy to potentially fill it?